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SpreadStreamExportRenderer Methods

The SpreadStreamExportRenderer type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddWorksheet
Create and add excel worksheet to the workbook.
Public methodApplyCellFormat
Applies the cell format. Note that format needs to be of SpreadCellFormat type in order to be applied to current cell.
Public methodApplyCellStyle
Applies the cell style.
Public methodCallOnWorksheetCreated
Calls the WorksheetCreated event.
Public methodClearCellValue
Clears the value of current Cell.
Public methodCreateBorderCellStyle
Creates the border cell style.
Public methodCreateCell
Creates CellSelection.
Public methodCreateCellStyle
Creates a SpreadStreamCellStyleInfo by given visual styles.
Public methodCreateCellStyleFromLightStyle
Creates the cell style from light style.
Public methodCreateCellStyleFromTheme
Creates SpreadStreamCellStyleInfo from theme normal style.
Public methodCreateColumn
Creates the column.
Public methodCreateFreezePanes
Creates freeze panes.
Public methodCreateLightCellStyle
Creates a SpreadStreamLightCellStyleInfo by given visual styles.
Public methodCreateMergedCells
Creates CellSelection.
Public methodCreateRow
Creates the row.
Public methodCreateWorkbook(Stream, SpreadStreamExportFormat)
Creates new workbook.
Public methodCreateWorkbook(Stream, SpreadStreamExportFormat, FileExportMode)
Creates new workbook.
Public methodFinishCell
Finishes the cell.
Protected methodFinishColumn
Finishes the column.
Public methodFinishExport
Exports workbook.
Protected methodFinishRow
Finishes the row.
Protected methodFinishWorkbook
Finishes the workbook.
Protected methodFinishWorksheet
Finishes the worksheet.
Public methodGetBordersFromExistingStyle
Gets the borders from existing style.
Public methodGetCell
Gets current Cell.
Public methodGetCellFormat
Gets current SpreadCellFormat.
Public methodGetCellStyleInfo
Gets the cell style info.
Public methodGetColumn
Gets the column.
Public methodGetFileExtension
Gets file extension.
Public methodGetIsMerged
Determines if a cell(by given row and column index) belongs to a merged cell.
Public methodGetRow
Gets current Row.
Public methodGetWorksheet
Gets current worksheet.
Public methodGroupCurrentRow
Groups current row in current worksheet.
Protected methodOnWorkbookCreated
Raises the [E:SpreadWorkbookCreated] event.
Protected methodOnWorksheetCreated
Raises the [E:SpreadWorksheetCreated] event.
Protected methodOnWorksheetExporting
Raises the [E:SpreadWorksheetExporting] event.
Protected methodSetBooleanValue
Sets the value as boolean.
Public methodSetCellFormat
Sets the cell format.
Public methodSetCellValue(String)
Sets the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodSetCellValue(DataType, Object)
Sets the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodSetColumnWidth
Sets the width of current worksheet column.
Protected methodSetDateTimeValue
Sets the value as date time.
Public methodSetHiddenColumn
Sets current worksheet column as hidden.
Public methodSetHiddenRow
Sets current worksheet row as hidden.
Protected methodSetNumberValue
Sets the value as number.
Public methodSetRowHeight
Sets height of current row in worksheet.
Protected methodSetStringValue
Sets the value as string.
Public methodSkipCells
Skips the cells.
Public methodSkipColumns
Skips the columns.
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