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SpreadExportRenderer Methods

The SpreadExportRenderer type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddWorksheet
Create and add excel worksheet to the workbook.
Public methodCallWorkbookCreated
Calls [E:WorkbookCreated] event.
Public methodClearCellSelectionValue
Clears the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodCreateCellSelection(Int32, Int32)
Creates CellSelection.
Public methodCreateCellSelection(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)
Creates CellSelection.
Public methodCreateCellStyleInfo
Creates CellStyleInfo using current CellSelection and Worksheet.
Public methodCreateCellStyleInfo(Color, Color, FontFamily, Double, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, ContentAlignment, Boolean, BorderBoxStyle, Color, Color, Color, Color, Color)
Creates CellStyleInfo.
Public methodCreateFloatingImage
Creates a new floating image in current worksheet.
Public methodCreateFreezePanes
Creates freeze panes.
Public methodCreateWorkbook
Creates new workbook.
Public methodExport
Exports workbook.
Public methodGetCellSelection
Gets current CellSelection.
Public methodGetCellSelectionValue
Gets the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodGetCellStyleInfo
Gets current CellStyleInfo.
Public methodGetFileExtension
Gets file extension.
Public methodGetFormatProvider
Gets current format provider.
Public methodGetIsMerged
Determines if a cell(by given row and column index) belongs to a merged cell.
Public methodGetWorksheet
Gets current worksheet.
Public methodGetWorksheetColumnWidth
Gets the width of column by given column index.
Public methodGetWorksheetRowHeight
Gets height of row in worksheet by given row index.
Public methodGroupRows
Groups rows in current worksheet.
Public methodImportWorkbook
Imports workbook.
Public methodMergeCellSelection
Merges the cells of current CellSelection.
Protected methodOnWorkbookCreated
Raises the [E:WorkbookCreated] event.
Public methodRegisterFormatProvider
Registers format provider.
Public methodSetCellSelectionFormat
Sets format of current CellSelection.
Public methodSetCellSelectionValue(String)
Sets the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodSetCellSelectionValue(DataType, Object)
Sets the value of current CellSelection.
Public methodSetWorksheetColumnWidth
Sets width of column in worksheet by given column index.
Public methodSetWorksheetRowHeight
Sets height of row in worksheet by given row index.
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