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ChartAxis Fields

The ChartAxis type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldchartAxisAppearance
ChartAxis style
Protected fieldchartAxisItems
ChartAxis items
Protected fieldchartAxisLabel
ChartAxis main label
Protected fieldchartAxisMaxAxisValue
Maximum series value
Protected fieldchartAxisMaxItemValue
Max axis item value
Protected fieldchartAxisMinAxisValue
Minimum series value
Protected fieldchartAxisMinItemValue
Min axis item value
Protected fieldchartAxisParent
Parent element
Protected fieldchartAxisPointEnd
Axis zero value end point
Protected fieldchartAxisPointStart
Axis start point
Protected fieldchartAxisRealIsZeroBased
Is axis zero based
Protected fieldobjectContainer
Container, that contains the render order for taken up elements (For property)
(Inherited from RenderedObject.)
Protected fieldpixelsPerValue
Pixels per value field.
Protected fieldzeroCoord
Cached zero coordinate value.
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