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SortingDialogContentBase Events

The SortingDialogContentBase type exposes the following members.

Public eventClosed
Occurs when the dialog is closed.
(Inherited from RadSpreadsheetDialogContentBaseTContext.)
Public eventInitialized (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when when a property of an object changes change. Calling the event is developer's responsibility.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public eventScreenTipNeeded
Occurs prior the ScreenTip of a RadItem instance inside the RadControl is displayed.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public eventThemeNameChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public eventToolTipTextNeeded
Occurs when a RadItem instance iside the RadControl requires ToolTip text.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
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