The built-in localization mechanism in Silverlight allows you to localize any string resource used by the standard RadUpload control. Once translated you might use your resources in Silverlight projects without changing anything. Silverlight RadUpload Localized Resources

To learn more about the ways in which to localize the Telerik UI for Silverlight controls, please read the common topic about Localization.

Resource Keys

RadUpload is a complex user interface control and its strings for localization are numerous. In order to be able to distinguish these resources, a unique identifier called resource key is assigned to each localizable string. Silverlight RadUpload Localization Resource Keys

Here is a list of all of the Resources available and their default values:

Key Value
UploadItemDismissed Item dismissed.
UploadCaptionSelected Selected Files:
UploadBufferSizeSoBig BufferSize too big. Please set it to a smaller value.
UploadCancel Cancel
UploadBrowse Browse
UploadRestriction Some of selected files are restricted by:
UploadUploadServiceUrlInvalidPropertyValue Invalid upload url. Please make sure the url is absolute!
UploadResume Resume
UploadUpload Upload
UploadUploadServiceUrlSetProperty Property UploadServiceUrl not set
UploadUnknownError Unknown error!
UploadTotal Total
UploadPause Pause
UploadCaptionUploaded Upload Done
UploadBrowseAppend Add more files
UploadCaptionUploading Uploading...
UploadCaptionSelect Select files to upload
UploadHandlerNotFoundOrFailed Handler not found or execution of the handler failed!
UploadRestrictionCount Max number of uploaded files;
UploadRestrictionSize Max file size;
UploadRestrictionTotalSize Total size of all uploaded files;

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