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The RadTransitionControl allows you to create transition animations that will appear upon changing the content of the control. It also provides an extended animation framework that can be used to customize the animations of existing controls, such as RadMenu, RadComboBox, RadDocking, etc., allowing you to provide a more rich look-and-feel to your RIA with minimal effort.

Silverlight RadTransitionControl Overview

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadTransitionControl:

  • Transition Effects - there are several built-in effects available, but you are allowed to implement your own effects. Read more

  • Content and ContentTemplate Transitions- allows you to apply transition animations upon changing the control’s content. Read more

  • Extensible Pixel Shader Animations- allows you to define custom animations in High Level Shader Language (HLSL). Read more

  • Integration with other Controls - you can integrate the RadTransitionControl in any other complex ContentControl (like HeaderedContentControl, ScrollViewer, Frame etc.) or in any control that displays content. Read more

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