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RadToolBar is an ItemsControl that can contain a group of controls (items). The RadToolBar can also display its items in accompanying (pop-up) overflow area if the available area is too small.

The RadToolBar mimics the functionality and behavior of the Visual Studio toolbar with its Strip and Overflow areas. All the items in the toolbar will jump between the strip and the overflow depending on the toolbar's size. In addition, the developer is able to stick items into one of these areas using the attached OverflowMode property.

The RadToolBar also enables you to apply conditional styling to its items. The ToolBarContainerStyleSelector class allows you to easily specify different styles for the different control types by providing a collection of ToolBarContainerStyle objects.

There are also pre-defined styles for many of the standart controls – Button, RadButton, ToggleButton, RadToggleButton, CheckBox, RadioButton, RadRadioButton, RadDropDownButton, TextBox, TextBlock, RadToolBarSeparator, RadSeparator.

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