Silverlight Spreadsheet Overview

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RadSpreadsheet is a control that allows editing tabular data utilizing a variety of cell formatting options, styles and themes.

Rad Spreadsheet Overview

RadSpreadsheet operates with a rich document model that is completely decoupled from UI. The documentation of the model can be found in the RadSpreadProcessing section of the documentation for Telerik Document Processing here.


Some of the features coming out-of-the-box with RadSpreadsheet are:

  • Insert and delete cells, rows and columns

  • Use different cell formatting:

    • various fonts and font sizes;
    • fore color and background color;
    • bold, italics and underline;
    • vertical and horizontal cell alignment;
    • text wrapping;
    • cell borders;
    • use cell styles and themes for a more consistent look.
  • A battery of data formatting options:

    • Number;
    • Currency;
    • Accounting;
    • Date;
    • Time;
    • Percentage;
    • Fraction;
    • Scientific;
    • Text;
    • Special;
    • Custom.
  • A broad range of formulas in different categories. RadSpreadsheet comes with more than 200 built-in functions. The API enables you to easily plug custom ones as well. For more informations, refer to the Formulas section for SpreadProcessing.

  • Shapes and Images: The UI enables you to work with images. API for insertion, positioning and deletion of images in worksheets.

  • Document themes

  • Auto fill and Series: Fill cells automatically with data following a specific pattern.

  • Data Validation: Enables you to control the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell. Different data validation rules are available, including list, number, date, text length or custom rules.

  • Filtering worksheet data.

  • Sorting the data in the worksheet.

  • Find and replace data.

  • Copy/Paste: Add or copy worksheets within or across workbooks. Of course, copying and pasting of cells is supported as well.

  • Customize row/column headings

  • Show/Hide gridlines and headers

  • Merge cells, merge cells across columns and unmerge

  • Resize rows and columns, auto fit

  • Zoom in and out each sheet separately

  • Named Ranges: You can use the named ranges on workbook and worksheet levels.

  • Protection: Different options available for protecting the workbook and its worksheets from modifications.

  • Freeze panes

  • Printing: Many properties allowing you to customize the way the data will be printed. Some of them are automatic and custom scaling, headers and footers, print titles, page breaks, print area.

  • Headers and Footers: The functionality enables you to add rich text content in the page margins when laying out a worksheet to pages.

  • Create and use multiple sheets, each one with its own history stack

  • Selection and active cell

  • Customizing the selection appearance

  • Scrolling: There are two scrolling modes - ItemBased and PixelBased. The first one ensures that the whole content of the top left cell is visible, the latter designed for smoother interaction.

  • Integration with RadRibbonView.

  • Localization: You can easily translate the string resources of RadSpreadsheet.

Supported formats:

With RadSpreadsheet you can easily import and export documents from the following formats:

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