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This tutorial will walk you through the common task of populating RadRadialMenu with RadRadialMenuItems

In order to add items you need to use the RadialMenu's Items property. The Items property is an ItemCollection which contains your RadRadialMenuItems. Example 1 shows how to add the top-level items of the radial menu.

Example 1: Adding parent items

    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="File" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Upload" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Mail" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Favorites" />

Figure 1: Adding parent items
Rad Radial Menu Populating with data 01

Each of the RadRadialMenuItems can have child items that are defined in the same way. Example 2 demonstrates how to add submenu items to one of the top-level items.

Example 2: Adding child items

<telerik:RadRadialMenu Margin="50">
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="File" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Upload" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Mail">
        <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Inbox" />
        <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Drafts" />
        <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Sent" />
        <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Deleted" />
    <telerik:RadRadialMenuItem Header="Favorites" />

Clicking on the navigate button of the parent item will navigate to its child items:

Figure 2: Navigating to the child items
Rad Radial Menu Populating with data 02

The submenu items can also have children on their own.

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