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RadRadialMenu is a circular menu that comes with support for selection, commands, events and many customization options. Using RadRadialMenu the end-user can drill-down into different levels of items that provide variety of options to choose from.

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Key Features:

  • Nested Items: RadRadialMenuItems can have nested items. This way you can easily implement more complex layouts.

  • Selection: The control supports selection functionality that allows you to highlight items upon click or setting a property.

  • Commands: RadRadialMenu gives you the ability to customize the available commands.

  • Data Binding Support: The control can be easily data bound to your business data, either by setting its properties directly, or by using a binding declaration. Read more about this in the Binding to Object section.

  • ContextMenu usage: The control can be used as a context menu for another FrameworkElement. Read more about this in the RadRadialMenu as a ContextMenu section.

  • Autosized MenuItems: Since the R1 2021 release, the control can autosize its items.

Get started with the control with its Getting Started help article that shows how to use it in a basic scenario.

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