Rad Pivot Grid Overview SL 01

Telerik RadPivotGrid is a control used to aggregate millions of records in a concise tabular format. The data can be easily grouped, filtered, sorted and manipulated to create different reports.

Rad Pivot Grid Overview SL 2

Key features list includes:

  • RadPivotGrid control provides features for filtering and sorting the data, so you can work with a small part of it.

  • RadPivotGrid provides support for multiple datasources:

    • Support for XMLA access to OLAP Cube.

    • LocalDataSourceProvider with ItemsSource that implements IEnumerable interface.

  • Built-in Aggregates: Sum, Min, Max, Average, Count, etc.

  • Grouping and showing hierarchical structure.

  • Applying visual represenation (string formats) to the data: currency, numbers after the decimal point, etc.

  • Parallel asynchronous data processing.

  • Different Pivot UI Layouts: Compact, Outline, Tabular.

  • Built-in runtime configuration control - RadPivotFieldList.

  • Export to different formats - xlsx, docx, pdf, HTML.

  • Serialization of the DataProviders, so you can save the current state and load it later.

You can check RadPivotGrid demos at: RadPivotGrid FirstLook

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