Silverlight ExpressionEditor Overview

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RadExpressionEditor allows your users to build powerful LINQ expressions using a simple Domain Specific Language, reminiscent of formulas in many popular spreadsheet applications.

RadExpressionEditor Overview

Key Features

  • Easy to Use Interface: The user-friendly interface of the control makes it easy to generate the desired expression with just a few clicks and key strokes.

  • Syntax Highlighting: The RadExpressionEditor also supports highlighting for the fields, functions and literals as can be observed in the image above.

  • Error Reporting: Whenever an invalid expression is entered, this is immediately highlighted by a curly underline.

  • Rich Set of Built-In Functions: The RadExpressionEditor provides a variety of functions to choose from such as mathematical and logical operations, functions for working with text and many more.

  • Reusable Expressions: The resulting expressions can be used in any API that works with LINQ expressions.

Get started with the control with its Getting Started help article that shows how to use it in a basic scenario.

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