Page DomainDataSource

If you are using the WCF RIA Services and the DomainDataSource, you probably know that the DomainDataSource.Data property is in fact an instance of the DomainDataSourceView class. This class implements a handful of useful interfaces:

IPagedCollectionView is among them which lets you do the whole paging in the server. To do that add a DomainDataSource control to your page/window and connect the items control and the pager to it. Here you can see how to do this:

<riaControls:DomainDataSource x:Name="invoicesDataSource" 
<ListBox Name="itemsControl" 
      ItemsSource="{Binding Data, ElementName=invoicesDataSource}"/> 
<telerikGrid:RadDataPager Name="radDataPager" 
             Source="{Binding Data, ElementName=invoicesDataSource}" 

Note that both the ListBox and the RadDataPager are bound to the Data property of the DomainDataSource.

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