Silverlight DataPager Overview

Telerik DataPager provides the user with a navigation interface to page through any collection of data. The control provides paged data source to any data-bound controls. RadDataPager is extremely helpful when working with large collections of data.

Silverlight RadDataPager Overview

Key Features

  • Binding to IEnumerable—RadDataPager can bind to any collection that implements the IEnumerable interface, which means that it can page any collection. The pager wraps the collection internally in an IPagedCollectionView and exposes it through its PagedSource property. In order to page a collection you have to pass it to the Source property of the DataPager.

  • Programmatic Paging—The developer is allowed to implement the paging programmatically, thanks to the API exposed by DataPager.

  • AutoEllipsis and DisplayMode—Controls the user interface of the pager.

  • WCF RIA Services and DomainDataSource support—RadDataPager can be easily integrated with the DomainDataSource control and consume server data through WCF RIA Services. Check out the online demo at

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