Visual Structure

This section defines terms and concepts used in the scope of RadChart you have to get familiar with prior to continue reading this help.

Default layout

The structure of the RadChart control is based on three major elements: ChartTitle, ChartArea and ChartLegend. These elements are common for all chart types. The illustration below shows the default chart layout and the positions of the chart’s elements:  Silverlight RadChart

Chart Title

Usually the ChartTitle is used to display a simple text about the chart displayed. However, as a ContentControl, you are able to customize the title and add whatever controls you need. Read more

Chart Area

The ChartArea is where your graphics is drawn. Unlike the ChartTitle, ChartArea consists of other elements:  Silverlight RadChart    Silverlight RadChart

In most cases a chart area has the following structure:

Chart Legend 

The ChartLegend element contains a header, where explanation text is shown and a list of legend items - one for each data series displayed on a ChartArea associated with the ChartLegend. Read more

Silverlight RadChart

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