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Version 2024.1.124 (2024 Q1)



  • Exposed the IsBold property of FontBase.
  • Added support for embedding ZUGFeRD invoices.
  • Introduced support for embedding file streams.


  • An unwanted Stopwatch is contained in the DocumentCatalog class.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when getting the hash code of CFF font`s UnderlineThickness.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on import because the value of the TransformMethod property is not obtained when Reference is set as an indirect reference.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on export because the value of TransformMethod property is not obtained.
  • A NotSupportedException is thrown when decoding a CalRgb ColorSpace image.
  • Missing characters when exporting a document containing different font types but with the same name and properties.
  • Import-export specific document with Type1Font mangles text.
  • DrawTable is not setting the HasPendingContent property correctly.
  • Some characters in Wingdings (or custom) font are exported with a different font.



  • The XlsxFormatProvider.Import method closes the stream passed to it as an argument.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown: The axes are incorrectly paired exception on import.
  • Left and Top-most borders are not rendered when exporting to PDF.



  • Inline image surrounded by bookmarks is incorrectly measured when the document contains numbering fields.



  • Added support for extraction of AES-encrypted archives.


  • Changed GetCryptoProvider() method signature. It now accepts EncryptionSettingsBase instead of EncryptionSettings.
  • Removed long-time obsoleted classes: CompressionType, ZipCompression, ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream, ZipPackage, ZipPackageEntry. Use ZipArchive, CompressedStream, and ZipArchiveEntry instead.
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