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Insert Hyperlink into the RadFixedDocument

Product Version Product Author
2021.2.507 RadPdfProcessing Martin Velikov


This article describes how to insert a Hyperlink into the RadFixedDocument.


The following example shows how to insert a Hyperlink using a Link annotation with an associated UriAction in the RadFixedDocument. With the help of the FixedContentEditor, we are drawing a block containing the text over the annotation.

Insert Hyperlink into RadFixedDocument

RadFixedDocument document = new RadFixedDocument(); 
RadFixedPage firstPage = document.Pages.AddPage(); 
FixedContentEditor editor = new FixedContentEditor(firstPage); 
editor.Position.Translate(70, 10); 
Block block = new Block(); 
block.GraphicProperties.FillColor = new RgbColor(255, 5, 99, 193); 
block.InsertText("Telerik Website"); 
Size blockSize = block.Measure(); 
UriAction uriAction = new UriAction(); 
uriAction.Uri = new Uri(@""); 
Link uriLink = firstPage.Annotations.AddLink(uriAction); 
uriLink.Rect = new Rect(70, 10, blockSize.Width, blockSize.Height); 
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