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Visual StyleBuilder Overview

The Visual Style Builder is a tool that can be used to create the base of custom skins for the Classic rendering of Telerik controls. It provides an interactive UI that helps in customizing the appearance of the skin. It can be found at

For everyone who wants to create an customize skins for the modern Lightweight rendering of the components, we recommend using the Telerik Theme Builder.

The main features of the Visual Style Builder are:

  • Changing the main color of an existing skin with just a few clicks

  • Modifying the skin for one control only or for a set of controls

  • Fine tuning individual elements in the control, e.g. fonts, backgrounds, paddings

  • Editing an already existing skin that can be uploaded as an archive

  • Does not require installation, runs directly in your browser

After you create the custom skin you will need to register it on the page where it will be used.


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