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Use TypeScript for Controls Using Kendo UI

This article explains how to use the Kendo TypeScript definitions with controls from the UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite that use Kendo UI widgets.

Getting a Reference to the Client-side Object of Kendo Widgets

By design, every control from the UI for ASP.NE T AJAX suite that integrates a Kendo widget, exposes the client-side get_kendoWidget method, which returns a reference to the widget object.

Exception to that rule is RadClientDataSource in versions prior to Q2 2015. In older version it exposes the get_dataSourceObject method to return the reference to the Kendo DataSource object.

How to use Intellisense

The get_kendoWidget method returns an object of type Object. In order to have the Kendo intellisense, you should cast it to the proper type.

var sparklineChart = <Telerik.Web.UI.RadHtmlChart>$find("SparklineChart");
var kendoSparkline = <kendo.dataviz.ui.Sparkline>sparklineChart.get_kendoWidget();

Figure 1: Using the Kendo Sparkline chart’s intellisense with an object returned by a RadHtmlChart.


Once the type casting is done, you can utilize any available client-side method exposed by the Kendo widget. You can find more details about the widgets’ API in the Kendo API reference.

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