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Getting Started

Telerik Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 last build was R1 2023 SP2 and is discontinued since then.

SPRadScheduler Settings Tool Pane

Telerik SPRadScheduler WebPart comes with a tool-part menu for changing the control data source as well as switching on/off SPRadScheduler's most important capabilities. The tool-part is shown through the "Edit Web Part" option on the web part menu.

The tool-part features four custom property-setting tool panes:

  • Scheduler Data tool pane allows setting and configuring the data source of the control.

    SPRad Scheduler-Data Source

  • Scheduler Layout pane allows setting the SPRadScheduler SelectedView and the GroupBy properties

    SPRad Scheduler-Data Source

  • Scheduler Behavior can be used for enabling and configuring the SPRadScheduler Advanced Form and some of the most often used control properties as: EnableAdvancedForm, StartEditingInAdvancedForm, ReadOnly, DayStartTime, DayEnd time and etc.

    SPRad Scheduler-Sched Behaviour

  • Scheduler Appearance allows setting the control Skin, OverflowBehaviour and ShowFullTime properties.

    SPRad Scheduler-Sched Appearance

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