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Known Limitations

The RadWizard control's known limitations are listed below:

  • RadWizard is not supported in IE8, since its callouts are rendered by "transform" CSS property, which is supported in IE9+

  • WizardSteps.Insert() method should not be used for inserting new RadWizard steps

    Using the RadWizard1.WizardSteps.Insert(index, newWizardStep) server-side method of the WizardSteps collection would lead to corruption of the control tree of the page. In consequence, it could prevent the viewstate to be loaded properly. As a result the application crashes after the postback. The WizardSteps collection's Add() server-side method (RadWizard1.WizardSteps.Add()) should be used instead, as demonstrated in the Add/Remove Wizard Steps demo.

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