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RadWindow Structure

RadWindow controls contain a title bar, which displays the icon, title, and title bar buttons, a content window, and a status bar. These are all configurable using the properties of RadWindow.

  • Title Bar: Use the VisibleTitlebar property to control whether the window has a title bar.

  • Icon: Use the IconUrl property to specify the image that appears at the far left of the Title Bar.

  • Title: By default, the Title shows the title of the HTML in the Content Window or theURL that provides that content. You can override this behavior by setting the Title property.

  • Title Bar Buttons: Use the Behaviors property to determine which of the buttons that let the user pin, reload, minimize, maximize, restore, and close the window appear on the Title Bar.

  • Content Window: Use the NavigateUrl property to control what content appears in the Content Window.

  • Status Bar: Use the VisibleStatusbar property to control whether the window has a Status Bar to display information about the status or contents of the Content Window.

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