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Minimize Zone

Popup windows in most Web applications can't be treated like regular windows. They may or may not allow resizing, and certainly not minimizing or maximizing.RadWindow-based popup windows can be minimized as long as the Behaviors property includes "Minimize". By default, when the user clicks on the minimize icon on the window's title bar, the window is minimized in its current location:

You can change this default behavior by providing your windows with an area that acts like a task bar. This area is called a minimize zone. The minimize zone can be any HTML element such as a div or Panel control. You can tailor the element to look like a task bar, to run vertically along the left side, or any other configuration you like.

To use use a minimize zone:

  1. Add a control to your form that hold the minimized windows.

  2. In the RadWindowManager or RadWindow control, set the MinimizeZoneId property to the ID for the control you added in step 1.

    If you have several windows that all minimize to the same minimize zone, set the MinimizeZoneID property of the RadWindowManager rather than setting the property for each individual RadWindow .

  3. When you run the application, click on the Minimize button on your windows. They move to the minimize zone:

To restore a minimized window, simply double-click on it. It returns to the size and position it held before it was minimized.

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