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Client-side Programming Overview

The RadToolTip and RadToolTipManager objects provide a client-side API that lets you interact with the controls in client-side code. In addition to a full set of client-side events, the client-side object model lets you manipulate tool tips while avoiding unnecessary post-backs.

Getting the RadToolTip and RadToolTipManager Client-side Objects

RadToolTip and RadToolTipManager create a client-side object with the ClientID of the control. You can obtain the reference to these objects using the following JavaScript code:

var radToolTip = $find("<%= RadToolTip1.ClientID %>");
var radToolTipManager = $find("<%= RadToolTipManager1.ClientID %>");

Get the Currently Active Tooltip

You can get the tooltip that is currently active (shown) by using the using the following method:

var activeTooltip = Telerik.Web.UI.RadToolTip.getCurrent();

You can use this to close the current tooltip according to your logic (e.g., a button click, a load-on-demand request error) or to modify the tooltip when the load-on-demand response is received.

Cancelling an Event

Some client-side events occur immediately before RadToolTip or RadToolTipManager performs some action. You can use these events to cancel the impending action by using the cancel property of the eventArgs passed to the handler:

function clientBeforeShow(sender, eventArgs)

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