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Operation Modes

By setting the Linear property of RadStepper you can determine whether the Stepper will force the user to follow the Steps sequence or not.

  • When set to "true" (by default), the user is allowed to select any Step of the Stepper regardless of the current selection.

  • When set to "false", the user is allowed to select only the Steps right before or after the currently selected Step. Skipping a step is not possible in this case.

The below example demonstrates the difference in both modes:

Operation modes - Linear vs Non-linear

Sample declaration to achieve the non-linear behavior shown above:

<telerik:RadStepper runat="server" ID="RadStepper1" Linear="false">
        <telerik:StepperStep Label="First Step" />
        <telerik:StepperStep Label="Second Step" />
        <telerik:StepperStep Label="Third Step" />
        <telerik:StepperStep Label="Step Four" />
        <telerik:StepperStep Label="Last Step" />

Test this functionality in our Operation Modes live demo.

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