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Handles Visibility

Using the ShowDragHandle, ShowDecreaseHandle, ShowIncreaseHandle properties you can control which of the handles will be displayed. By default all the handles are displayed.

Using the IsSelectionRangeEnabled, SelectionStart, SelectionEnd properties you can configure the slider to display two drag handles instead of one.

<telerik:radslider id="RadSlider1" runat="server" orientation="horizontal" showdecreasehandle="true"
    showincreasehandle="true" showdraghandle="false" skin="Office2007" />
<br />
<telerik:radslider id="RadSlider2" runat="server" orientation="horizontal" showdecreasehandle="false"
    showincreasehandle="false" showdraghandle="true" skin="Office2007" />
RadSlider1.ShowDecreaseHandle = true;
RadSlider1.ShowIncreaseHandle = true;
RadSlider1.ShowDragHandle = false;
RadSlider2.ShowDecreaseHandle = false;
RadSlider2.ShowIncreaseHandle = false;
RadSlider2.ShowDragHandle = true;
RadSlider1.ShowDecreaseHandle = True
RadSlider1.ShowIncreaseHandle = True
RadSlider1.ShowDragHandle = False
RadSlider2.ShowDecreaseHandle = False
RadSlider2.ShowIncreaseHandle = False
RadSlider2.ShowDragHandle = True

Handles Tooltips

Tooltips are automatically supplied to all three handles and are controlled by the DecreaseText, IncreaseText and DragText properties and have the default values "Decrease", "Increase" and "Drag", respectively.

<telerik:radslider id="RadSlider1" runat="server" decreasetext="Lower" increasetext="Raise"
    dragtext="Change" />
RadSlider1.DecreaseText = "Lower";
RadSlider1.IncreaseText = "Raise";
RadSlider1.DragText = "Change"; 
RadSlider1.DecreaseText = "Lower"
RadSlider1.IncreaseText = "Raise"
RadSlider1.DragText = "Change"  

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