RadSiteMap Nodes Overview

RadSiteMap is made up of nodes. They are of type RadSiteMapNode.

You can easily add/edit/delete nodes inline, in design-time or in code behind. In addition, you can bind the RadSiteMap to a datasource.

The important properties of RadSiteMapNode

  • Text - the string that the user sees for the node

  • NavigateUrl - the URL to redirect to.

  • Target - the target window or frame in which to display the Web page content associated with the current node. The Web page is specified by NavigateUrl property.

  • ImageUrl - the image that will be displayed on the left of the node's Text

  • ToolTip - the text of the tooltip that appears when the user hovers the mouse over the node. Setting the tooltip can enable an accessibility feature: Special accessibility readers like JAWS can pronounce the tooltip of the highlighted node.

  • Level - An integer representing the level of the node. Root nodes are level 0 (zero).

  • Attributes - in addition to the built-in properties, you can add your own custom attributes to RadSiteMapNodes to expand their functionality

  • ParentNode - the parent RadSiteMapNode. If the node is a root level node - its parent is null / Nothing

  • SiteMap - the RadSiteMap object which the node belongs to.

  • Nodes - collection of the child nodes of the current node

The methods of RadSiteMapNode

  • Remove() - removes the node from the Nodes collection
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