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Timeline View

The Timeline View allows you to display a variable number of slots and define the duration of those slots. You can also group time slots under the same column header using the Time label span property.

Timeline View Settings:

  • Slot duration- Sets each time slot (vertical column) duration.

  • Time label span- Indicates how many subsequent time slots are sharing same header.

  • Number Of Slots- Sets how many time slots are rendered in the calendar area.

  • EnableExactTimeRendering- When it is enabled the appointment does not occupy the entire time slot if its start/end time does not match the time slot start/end time. The default value is false so the advanced edit form is the only way to determine what is exact appointment start/end time.

  • ShowInsertArea- When enabled it keeps an extra space in each row where user to double click and have the ability to add an appointment.

  • SortingMode- Specifies the sorting mode to use when rendering the appointments. The value PerSlot sorts appointments individually for each slot, but Global will sort the appointments as a single list. The default value is PerSlot.


Timeline View will provide full support for Resource and Date grouping, namely:

  • No groping (Basic look)


  • Grouped by Resource (Horizontal)


  • Grouped by Resource (Vertical)


  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Horizontal)


  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Vertical)



The Timeline View allows you to format the date dispalyed in the column headers by adjusting its ColumnHeaderDateFormat property. This property requires a valid Standard date and time format string.

<telerik:RadScheduler runat="server" ID="RadScheduler1">
    <TimelineView ColumnHeaderDateFormat="t" SlotDuration="06:00:00" NumberOfSlots="3" />


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