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Month View

The Month View is a standard cell list, which shows all appointments for a specific month. Each cell represents a separate day.

Month View Settings

  • AdaptiveRowHeight- Increase the cell height when containing appointments and reduces its height if there are no appointments for that specific day.

  • DayHeaderDateFormat- Sets the date format for each cell header.

  • FirstDayHeaderDateFormat- Sets the date format only for first day of the current month.

  • MinimumRowHeight- Sets the minimum cell height.

  • VisibleAppointmentsPerDay- Indicates how many appointments could be listed for a day. When there are more appointments for a specific day a "more" link will be placed at the bottom of the day cell and will navigate to the day view if clicked.


Month View will provide full support for Resource and Date grouping, namely:

  • No groping (Basic look)scheduler-views-dayview-nogrouping

  • Grouped by Resource (Horizontal)scheduler-views-monthview-horizontalgroupingbyresource

  • Grouped by Resource (Vertical)scheduler-views-monthview-verticalgroupingbyresource

  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Horizontal)scheduler-views-monthview-horizontalgroupingbyresourceanddate

  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Vertical)scheduler-views-monthview-horizontalgroupingbyresourceanddate

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