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Agenda View

As of Q3 2013 the new Agenda View is introduced for the RadScheduler control.

The Agenda View is a table structured like a simple list, which lists appointments for a specific period of time that is defined by the property NumberOfDays.

Please note that each Appointment represents a separate row. Unlike the other available views in the RadScheduler , it doesn’t have empty rows/cell representing timeslots since days with no appointments are not shown. Therefore user is not able to insert, move or resize appointments . However, editing is allowed and a delete operation could be achievedby using the delete handler shown on hover.

Agenda View Settings:

  • ResourceMarkerType - This property will be an enumeration with three values – None (default) , Block and Bar. Combined with Resource style mappings, this will enable the appointments to show a colored square or bar at the beginning of the appointment to indicate it’s resource.

  • ResourceColumnWidth - Sets the resource column's width when the RadScheduler is grouped by resource.

  • DateColumnWidth - Sets the date column's width.

  • TimeColumnWidth - Sets the width of the column showing the appointment start and end time.

  • ShowColumnHeaders - Shows/hides the header text of all AgendaView columns.

  • NumberOfDays - Indicates number of days to be displayed. For example if you want to show a week you can set it that value to 7.


Agenda View will provide full support for Resource and Date grouping, namely:

  • Basic look (Horizontal grouping)scheduler-views-agendaview-horizontalgrouping

  • Basic look (Vertical grouping)scheduler-views-agendaview-verticalgrouping

  • Grouped by Resource (Horizontal)scheduler-views-agendaview-horizontalgroupingbyresource

  • Grouped by Resource (Vertical)scheduler-views-agendaview-verticalgroupingbyresource

  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Horizontal)scheduler-views-agendaview-horizontalgroupingbydateandresource

  • Grouped by Date, Resource (Vertical)scheduler-views-agendaview-verticalgroupingbydateandresource

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