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Responsive Adaptive and Elastic Capabilities

Adaptive Behavior

As of Q1 2014 a new Mobile rendering mode is introduced for the RadScheduler control. The goal is to stay in line with the latest trends in the web development and make RadScheduler UI components responsive and user friendly on mobile devices (tablets, smart phones etc.).

Please note that the RadScheduler mobile rendering relies on native input elements (input type = “date|time|number”) and could not work properly on browser that does not support them.

In order to achieve this goal we changed the layout of most of thecomponents such as: Views, inline and advanced forms, confirmation and reminder dialogs.

The help resource for our mobile rendering mode is divided into the following help articles:

  • Views - Main focus on RadScheduler header section and month view.

  • Interactions with appointments - Shows a different approach for selecting, reszing and editing an appointment.

  • Advanced form

  • Dialogs - Confirmation, reminder dialogs including the inline insert/edit form.

Please be aware that the RadScheduler might be not fully functional under browsers that support pointer events.

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