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Keyboard Support

RadRibbonBar Keyboard Support

Keyboard Support

As of Q3 2011 RadRibbonBar introduces keyboars support. The new functionality is based on the Mircosoft's Ribbon specification for keyborad navigation.

A new section for configuration is added to the RadRibbonBar. The newly added section is called KeyboardNavigationSettings and has three new properties:

  • Activated : this property auto enables key hints on page load.

  • CommandKey : used with the FocusKey to focus the RadRibbonBar. By default this property is set to use the Alt key, but it could be changed to something else from the following enumeration:

    1. Alt

    2. Ctrl

    3. Shift

    4. AltShift

    5. AltCtrl

    6. CtrlShift

  • FocusKey: focus key used with the CommandKey. By default this property is set to use the Q key. Again there is an enumaration, so other key could be used as focus key.

For every item of the RadRibbonBar a specific access key should be set using its AccessKey property. Once the keyboard navigation is enabled and the control is focused, the access keys of the currently active items will be shown as hints over them:

RibbonBar Keyboard Support

In order to move one level up in a specific collection the Esc key should be used.

The full Microsoft Ribbon Specification could be found here

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