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Paging Overview

RadPivotGrid has built-in pager functionality which is available out of the box and it is controlled with the AllowPaging property. Paging functionality allows the user to fetch and display data by chunks. This behavior provides better performance and ease of use for the user.

If the AllowPaging property is set to True the paging functionality will be enabled. By default the AllowPaging property has False value.

You could control how many items will be fetched and displayed by the PageSize property. This property is used by RadPivotGrid to split the returned result set of the data source. General Pager

RadPivotGrid supports different pager styles, that you could choose from. For more information see this article.

RadPivotGrid exposes the PageSizeControlType property in its PagerStyle property collection which is an enum of type PagerDropDownControlType. It has three values available with RadComboBox being the default one:

  • None

  • RadComboBox

  • RadDropDownList

As it name implies, the property specifies what type of page size drop down control will be rendered.The property provides an easy way to switch off the page size combo or replace it with its light weight counterpart RadDropDownList.

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