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Server-Side Programming Overview


RadPersistenceManager is the main control responsible for persistence of the control settings. Only one instance should be placed per application. Following is a list of useful methods, properties and events:

Name Description
StorageProviderKey (property) Unique key used by the storage provider to identify the persisted state.
SerializationProvider (property) Get/set the serialization provider used by RadPersistenceManager for control state serialization. Default provider is XmlStateSerializer which serializes the state in XML.
StorageProvider (property) Get/set the storage provider used by RadPersistenceManager for storing the serialized control state. Default storage provider is AppDataStorageProvider which stores the state in the AppData folder by using the StorageProviderKey as a file name.
PersistenceSettings (property) Exposes the control settings describing which controls will be persisted.
EnablePersistence (property) This property toggles the RadPersistenceManager functionality.
SaveState (method) Invoke this method to begin saving the state.
LoadState (method) This method will restore the saved state to the corresponding controls.
GetCurrent (method) Returns the current instance of the RadPersistenceManager control.
SaveCustomSettings (event) This event should be used to pass the custom settings to be persisted by the RadPersistenceManager control.
LoadCustomSettings (event) RadPersistenceManager returns the deserialized custom settings in the event arguments of this event.


RadPersistenceManagerProxy helps configure the persistence in scenarios where MasterPage and/or user controls are used.In this case, RadPersistenceManager should be placed on the MasterPage. For each content page and/or user control where persistence is needed a RadPersistenceManagerProxy should be used.

Name Description
PersistenceSettings (property) Exposes the control settings describing which controls will be persisted.


This setting holds the information for the control(s) that will be persisted by RadPersistenceManager.

Name Description
SettingType (property) Identifies the setting type (ControlType, ControlInstance, or ControlID).
ControlID (property) Persist a control by its ID.
ControlType (property) Persist controls by their type.
ControlInstance (property) Persist control instance.


This setting is used by the event arguments of the SaveCustomSettings / LoadCustomSettings events (exposed via the CustomSettings property).

Name Description
Name (property) The name of the custom control setting.
Value (property) Persist a control by its ID.
ControlType (property) The value of the setting.

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