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RadPdfViewer provides a built-in mechanism for easy localization of the all of its tools and messages. Below you will find a table with all messages that can be localized through the control:

Localization Messages

RadPdfViewer > MessagesSettings

Property Name Description
DefaultFileName Specifies the default file name used for Download.

Toolbar Messages

RadPdfViewer > MessagesSettings > ToolBarMessages

Property Name Default Value
Download Download
ExportAs Export
Open Open
PagerMessages.First Go to the first page
PagerMessages.Last Go to the last page
PagerMessages.Next Go to the next page
PagerMessages.Of of {0}
PagerMessages.Page page
PagerMessages.Pages pages
PagerMessages.Previous Go to the previous page

Dialog Messages

RadPdfViewer > MessagesSettings > DialogsMessages

Property Name Default Value
Cancel Cancel
OkText OK
Save Save
ExportAsDialogMessages.DefaultFileName Document
ExportAsDialogMessages.Pdf Portable Document Format (.pdf)
ExportAsDialogMessages.Png Portable Network Graphics (.png)
ExportAsDialogMessages.Svg Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
ExportAsDialogMessages.Title Export...
ExportAsDialogMessages.LabelsMessages.FileName File name
ExportAsDialogMessages.LabelsMessages.Page Page
ExportAsDialogMessages.LabelsMessages.SaveAsType Save as

Error Messages

RadPdfViewer > MessagesSettings > ErrorMessages

Property Name Default Value
NotFound File is not found.
NotSupported Only pdf files allowed.
ParseError PDF file fails to process.

Example 1: Localized RadPdfViewer

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.pdfjsLib.GlobalWorkerOptions.workerSrc = '';

<telerik:RadPdfViewer runat="server" ID="RadPdfViewer1" Height="400px" Width="800px">
    <PdfjsProcessingSettings File="Document.pdf"></PdfjsProcessingSettings>
    <MessagesSettings DefaultFileName="Document">
        <ToolBarMessages Download="Download" ExportAs="Export" Open="Open">
            <PagerMessages First="Go to the first page" Last="Go to the last page" Next="Go to the next page" Of="of {0} " Page="page" Pages="pages" Previous="Go to the previous page" />
        <DialogsMessages Cancel="Cancel" OkText="OK" Save="Save">
            <ExportAsDialogMessages DefaultFileName="Document" Pdf="Portable Document Format (.pdf)" Png="Portable Network Graphics (.png)" Svg="Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)" Title="Export...">
                <LabelsMessages FileName="File name" Page="Page" SaveAsType="Save as" />
        <ErrorMessages NotFound="File is not found." NotSupported="Only pdf files allowed." ParseError="PDF file fails to process." />
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