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Migrating Skins from RadPanelBar ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

Since RadPanelBar for ASP.NET AJAX inherits its rendering from RadPanelBar for ASP.NET "Classic", it is rather easy to migrate a skin.

There are only two changes that are needed in the skins:

  1. add the control-specific prefix ("rp" to the CSS class names and capitalize the first letter of the "Classic" class names afterwards

  2. change RadPanelbar_SkinName to RadPanelBar_SkinName

The following table lists all class names in the "Classic" version of RadPanelBar and their equivalents in the RadPanelBar for ASP.NET AJAX:

RadPanelBar "Classic" class name RadPanelBar for ASP.NET AJAX class name
RadPanelbar_Skin RadPanelBar_Skin
link rpLink
focused rpFocused
expanded rpExpanded
expandable rpExpandable
text rpText
rootGroup rpRootGroup
group rpGroup
item rpItem
first rpFirst
last rpLast
disabled rpDisabled
separator rpSeparator
level1 rpLevel1
slide rpSlide