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Controlling Appearance

There are a number of ways you can customize the look & feel of your RadPanelBar control:


  • Use the Height and Width properties to limit the dimensions of the panel bar. Note that the Height property does not have an effect unless the ExpandMode is "FullExpandedItem".

For more information about expand modes, see Expanding and Collapsing Items.

  • Use the Expanded property of a RadPanelItem object to specify whether it appears expanded.

  • Use the PreventCollapse property of a RadPanelItem object to specify whether it can be collapsed.

  • Add separators to a the items by creating an item with the IsSeparator property set to True.

  • Use the dir="rtl" attribute to give the panel bar a right-to-left orientation:

Look and Feel

  • To change the overall look and feel of the panel bar, set the Skin property.

  • To change the way the child panel items appear or disappear, use Animations.

  • To change the look of an individual item in the panel bar, including reflecting the item's state, use a CSS class property.

  • Use the item properties to add images to items.

  • Use templates to add controls to panel items.

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