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This article provides information about the main container of the RadPageLayout control. You can also find out how to declare the control on your page as well as the available properties that can be set.


The container of the RadPageLayout control is the top most container. Once you declare it on your page, it will render as a DIV element. Below you can find a list of the properties that you can use for the control.

Property Name Description
GridType Gets or sets the grid type. You can set it to either of the following values - Static , Fixed or Fluid . For more detailed information these values you can refer to the RadPageLayout Grid Types help topic.
ShowGrid This property accepts boolean values ( true or false ) and it is used to toggle the visual grid guides.
HtmlTag Gets or sets the RadPageLayout main container element. Depending on the value that you set (this can be Div , Section , Header , Footer , Main , Aside , Nav , Ol , Ul , Li or None ) it will render a wrapper around the RadPageLayout rows elements. For example, this property could be useful in scenarios when you need to make each row to have 100% width of the screen. Setting the value to "None" will work fine since it will render each row direct on the page without a container element.

Markup of the control:

<telerik:RadPageLayout ID="RadPageLayout1" runat="server" ShowGrid="true" GridType="Fluid"  RenderRowWrappers="Root">

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