Getting Started Overview

The following tutorial demonstrates how RadNotification is used to provide a simple information popup.

RadNotification - Getting Started

  1. In a new AJAX-Enabled Web Application drop a RadNotification from the ToolBox to the default web page.
  2. Set the VisibleOnPageLoad property to true.
  3. Set the Position property to Center.
  4. Set the Text property to Sample notification text.
  5. Set the Width property to 250px.
  6. Set the Height property to 100px.
  7. Optionally you may also:
    • Set the Title property to Title.
    • Set the EnableRoundedCorners property to true.
    • Set the EnableShadow property to true.
  8. Press F5 to run the application. You will see a simple popup in the center of the browser.
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