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RadMultiColumnComboBox is a dropdown that provides easy columns setup for its dropdown. You can define columns in the ColumnsCollection.

You can set which Field from the dataItem should be populated, set a Title, template, headerTemplate and Width.

Here is how the width of the columns and the dropdown behaves:

  • If all columns' Width is defined in pixels, the DropDownWidth value (if set) is disregarded.
  • If not all of the columns Width value set, the DropDownWidth value is applied to the element.
  • You can set the Width only of some columns and the rest will distribute the remaining width from the DropDownWidth. This means you can also set column widths in percent from the DropDownWidth.

You can also control the overall dropdown settings through the DropDownWidth and Height properties in the main RadMultiColumnComboBox tag. The inner AnimationSettings and PopupSettings expose additional settings.

Example 1: Columns in RadMultiColumnComboBox

<telerik:RadMultiColumnComboBox ID="RadMultiColumnComboBox4" runat="server" Skin="Default"
    DataTextField="ContactName" DataValueField="CustomerID"
    DropDownWidth="500" Height="400" Width="100%">
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="CustomerID" Title="ID" />
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="ContactName" Title="Name" />
    <WebServiceSettings Select-ContentType="JSON" ServiceType="OData"

You can also use the templates and all other functionality of the columns regardless of the data binding scenario, including with local data.

Example 2: Columns with local data and not having all widths set

<telerik:RadMultiColumnComboBox ID="RadMultiColumnComboBox4" runat="server" Skin="Default"
    DataTextField="name" DataValueField="id"
    Filter="Contains" FilterFields="name, color"
    DropDownWidth="400" Height="400" Width="300px">
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="id" Title="ID" Width="40px" />
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="name" Title="Name" />
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="color" Title="color" Width="100px">
            <Template><span style="color: #=data.color#">#:data.color#</span></Template>
    <ClientEvents OnLoad="OnLoad" />

    function OnLoad(sender, args) {
        var data = [
            { id: 1, name: "one", color: "red" },
            { id: 2, name: "two", color: "green" },
            { id: 3, name: "three", color: "blue" }


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