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RadMap Structure

Examine the RadMap element structure in Figure 1. You can see the names of the UI elements and read more about their purpose.

Figure 1: Element structure of the RadMap control

Image illustrating the element structure of the RadMap control


  • Layer – the layer is basically the main element of the map. There are four different types:

    • Layer - rendering the map usingMap Tile Service (e.g. OpenStreetMap);

    • Bing - rendering the map using the Bing service (same as the Tile type, but with simplified setup for Bing’s service);

    • Shape - layer on which additional shapes can be drawn based on collection of GeoJSON objects;

    • Marker - defined by location data and indicates a point of interest based on some criteria.

  • Navigator - allows the user to pan through the map;

  • Zoom - allows the user to zoom-in and zoom-out the map;

  • Marker Tooltip - developer-defined text that is shown on mouse click or mouse over of a marker;

  • Attribution - developer-defined footer element that can show additional information to the user, e.g. a copyright notice.

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