ListView Overview

Telerik RadListView is designed to give your the freedom to specify predefined or customized type of layout for the items displayed in the control and in the same time gives you integrated sorting, paging, grouping, editing, selecting, etc. capabilities. You can embed various controls of your choice in RadListView's templates and model their appearance in a custom manner. Thanks to its innovative architecture Telerik RadListView is extremely fast and generates very little output. Added to this is true cross browser support - Internet Explorer, all Gecko-based browsers, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

At the same time Telerik RadListView delivers top-of-the line features:

Key Features

  • Interoperability with RadAjax and loading indicators- dramatically improves the responsiveness of the component, simulates Windows-application like behavior, and minimizes the traffic to the server.

  • Various templates for data and layout presentation, edit or insert operations, selection, grouping etc.

  • Set of commonly used predefined layouts and unlimited possibilities for custom layouts definitions

  • Codeless DataBinding using the DataSourceControls introduced in ASP.NET 2.x/3.5

  • Data-Binding to various data sources which implement the IEnumerable, IList or ICustomTypeDescriptor interfaces

  • Easily customizable skinning mechanism (setting single Skin property of the listview)

  • Integrated sorting, paging, selecting and grouping capabilities

  • Integrated, Multi-Column and Custom Sorting

  • Integrated and Custom Paging

  • paging through RadDataPager control

  • Single and Multi-Row Server Selection

  • Flexible edit form validation mechanism

  • ControlState feature

  • Easy and straight-forward migration from MS ListView control

  • XHTML 1.1 and Accessibility Compliance

* -see the Skins topic under the 'Appearance and styling' chapter of the help for details

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