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RadListBox supports item reordering - you can move the item/items up and down using the provided UI buttons.

To enable item reordering set the AllowReorder="True" property of the listbox. This will show the up and down buttons next to the listbox:

Reorder Buttons

When the first item is selected the up button is disabled. Similarly, when the last item is selected the down button is disabled.

You can control the look and feel of the reorder buttons by adjusting the ButtonSettings properties.

Additionally, you can reorder items using drag and drop. To do so you need to set the EnableDragAndDrop="True" property.

To fire a postback after clicking on the up or down buttons set the AutoPostBackOnReorder="True" property.

Several client and server events are fired upon reordering (when AutoPostBackOnReorder="True") in the following sequence:


Reorder (from Reorder buttons) Reorder (using drag and drop)
OnClientDropping(can be cancelled)
- OnClientDropped
OnClientReordering(can be cancelled) OnClientReordering(can be cancelled)
OnClientReordered OnClientReordered
- Dropping(can be cancelled)
- Dropped
Reordering(can be cancelled) Reordering(can be cancelled)
Updating(can be cancelled) Updating(can be cancelled)
Updated Updated
Reordered Reordered

Please check this help topic on how to automatically update the database on reorder.

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