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The OnClientDropped client-event is fired after the item/items are dropped.

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of the listbox firing the event

  2. An event arguments parameter containing the following methods:

  • get_sourceItem() - returns the first selected item that is dropped

  • get_sourceItems() - returns an array of the selected items that are dropped

  • get_destinationItem() - returns the destination item.

  • get_dropPosition() - returns the relative position either 0 (Above) or 1 (Below) toward the destination item.

  • get_htmlElement() - returns the DOM html element which the item is dropped onto.

  • get_domEvent() - returns the DOM event object

The following example shows an informative message after the item has been dropped.

function OnClientDroppedHandler(sender, eventArgs) {
    var message = "You have successfully dropped the item " + eventArgs.get_sourceItem().get_text();
    message += eventArgs.get_dropPosition() == 0 ? " above" : " below";
    message += " the item " + eventArgs.get_destinationItem().get_text() + "?";
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