RadLightBox Overview

RadLightBox for ASP.NET AJAX-allows you to display image galleries or a template content, such as HTML, iFrame, Flash and more in a popup window. It is designed to be extremely fast and similarly easy to use. The main advantage of the control is the ability to navigate between different items by using the next and previous buttons or the keyboard arrows. Accordingly, you could take advantage of the client and server side events exposed to execute a custom logic. The built-in footer of RadLightBox provides additional information about the displayed item and shows the current item number and the total item count.Additionally you could use an animation effects when the control changes the size of its container. You could observe the same animation effects during the opening or closing of the window.

Other main features of RadLightBox include:

  • A rich client-side API and comprehensive set of events guaranteeing full control over the various functions performed on the client.

  • Keyboard navigation support.

  • Modality.

  • An item templates with the ability to load a different objects like flash, QT, WMP, Youtube video.

  • Animation for resizing, show, hide, next and previous navigation.

  • Server side data-binding.


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