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Difference from RadWindow

What is the difference between RadLightBox and RadWindow, which at first glance will fit better to your project?

Differences between the two controls

Specifics RadLightBox RadWindow
Type of Content Supported Yes Yes
Previous/Next navigation Yes No
Keyboard Navigation Yes Yes
Automatic Size Adjustment Depending on the Content Yes Yes
Manual Resizing Functionality No Yes
Automatic Close When Clicking Outside of the Control Area Yes No
Templates Works best in a simple cases like showing a collection of items. A generic INamingContainer or entire web page. Works in different scenarios where controls like RadGrid, RadEditor need to be embedded.
Modal and Non-Modal States Yes Yes
Server Side Data Binding Yes Not a databound control, but a generic container control
Client-side Data Binding Yes Not a databound control, but a generic container control
Populating with Content via Items Collection Yes Not a databound control, but a generic container control
Built-in Paging Yes No
Animations for Loading Yes Yes
Animations for Resize, Previous and Next, Showand Hide ** Several Yes, a few
Auto Resize Animation* Several Yes, can be turned off
Ability to Move the Popup Stays static in the middle of the screen Can be moved around the screen
Control Over the Size and Position of the Popup Allows setting a width and height for the different items or on the control itself. Allows you to set width, height, position, min/max width, min/max height of the container.
Rich Client-side API for Maximum Flexibility Yes Yes
Visual Studio Integration and Design-time Support Yes Yes
Built-in Skins Yes Yes
Mobile Support Yes Yes
Cross-browser Support Yes Yes

* RadLightBox provides a two type of animation, Resize and Fade whereas RadWindow has only a Resize one.

** RadLightBox allows you to choose between different animations for the different actions. For instance, you could choose a Fade animation when closing the LightBox and set Resize animation when opening it. RadWindow does not support this and the animation is the same for each action.

Ideal scenario to use a LightBox is when you need to display an image galleries or some simple case, which includes using of ASP.NET controls. The lightweight design is suitable for such scenarios no matter the number of the displayed items.

On the other hand, preferred usage of RadWindow is in cases where controls like RadGrid, RadTreeList and the like have to be embedded in it. Another advantage of RadWindow control is the ability to move, while the RadLightBox stays static in the middle of the screen.

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