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HTML Output

Styles for Telerik controls are defined using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) syntax. Each style consists of a selector that identifies an HTML element to be styled, and property/value pairs that describe each of the style specifics, e.g. color, padding, margins, etc. For example, the .RadLightBox_Default style defines the default color and font styles for the entire control:

    color: #333;
    font: 12px "Segoe UI",Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

HTML Output of RadLightBox

The typical HTML output of a RadLightBox control is the following (some HTML attributes have been removed for simplicity):

<div id="RadLightBox1" class="RadLightBox RadLightBox_Default" style="position: fixed; left: 50%; top: 50%; z-index: 3501; width: 486px; height: 348px; margin-left: -261px; margin-top: -176px; visibility: visible;">
    <div class="rltbGlowEffect"> </div>
    <div class="rltbClose" style="">
        <button class="rltbActionButton rltbCloseButton" type="button">
            <span class="rltbIcon rltbCloseIcon"></span>
            <span class="rltbButtonText">Close</span>
    <div class="rltbWrapper">
        <div class="rltbItemBox">
            <input id="RadLightBox1_PrevButton" class="rltbActionButton rltbPrevButton" type="submit" style="display:none;" value="Prev" name="RadLightBox1$PrevButton" />
            <img class="rltbActiveImage" alt="LightBox Active Image" src="/RadControls-CSharp45/RadLightBox/images/1.png" style="display: inline; visibility: visible; width: 189px; height: 285px; padding-left: 139px; padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px;" />
            <input id="RadLightBox1_NextButton" class="rltbActionButton rltbNextButton" type="submit" style="display: none;" value="Next" name="RadLightBox1$NextButton" />
        <div class="rltbDescriptionBox rltbDescBottom" style="">
            <h4 class="rltbTitle" style=""></h4>
            <div class="rltbDescription" style=""></div>
            <span class="rltbPager">Image 1 of 3</span>
            <div class="rltbToolbar">
                <button class="rltbActionButton rltbMaximizeButton" type="button" title="Maximize image" style="visibility: visible;">
                    <span class="rltbIcon rltbMaximizeIcon"></span>
                    <span class="rltbButtonText">Maximize image</span>
                <button class="rltbActionButton rltbRestoreButton" type="button" title="Restore" style="display: none;">
                    <span class="rltbIcon rltbRestoreIcon"></span>
                    <span class="rltbButtonText">Restore image</span>
    <div id="RadLightBox1_LoadingPanel" class="RadAjax RadAjax_Default" style="display:none;">
        <div class="raDiv"> </div>
        <div class="raColor raTransp"> </div>
    <input id="RadLightBox1_ClientState" type="hidden" name="RadLightBox1_ClientState" autocomplete="off" />

CSS classes and their usage

  • div.RadLightBox.RadLightBox_SkinName - this is the main control element, which holds the skin name. It has a couple of div elements for the close button, the image container and the loading panel.

  • div.rltbGlowEffect - this element doesn't contains any other elements and it is used to style the layout of RadLightBox control.

  • div.rltbWrapper - this is the wrapper element which holds the Item and the Description.

  • div.rltbItemBox - contains the image which is currently displayed in the browser.

  • input.rltbActionButton - all action buttons have this class assigned.

  • input.rltbPrevButton - the button which navigates to the previous image.

  • input.rltbPrevButton - the button which navigates to the next image.

  • img.rltbActiveImage - the currently active image.

  • div.rltbDescriptionBox - contains all elements of the description area.

  • h4.rltbTitle - element which holds the title of the description if there is any.

  • div.rltbDescription - element which contains the description itself.

  • span.rltbPager - element which contains the information about the current image index and the total number of images.

  • div.rltbToolbar - a wrapper of the maximize button.

  • div.rltbMaximizeButton - the button element which puts the image in fullscreen mode.

  • div.rltbRestoreButton - the button element which closes the fullscreen mode.

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