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Controlling Grid Lines

The GridLines ASP.NET property is used to get or set the grid line style of the Table control. However it uses an obsolete HTML attribute (rules) to control the appearance of tables. Such obsolete attributes are easily overridden by CSS styles (as in the RadGrid skin). That is why using the GridLines property can cause the cell borders in RadGrid to appear improperly. To avoid this you can override the embedded skin with a CSS rule:

Q1 2009 and later

div.RadGrid_[SkinName] .rgRow td,

div.RadGrid_[SkinName] .rgAltRow td,

div.RadGrid_[SkinName] .rgHeader,

div.RadGrid_[SkinName] th.rgResizeCol,

div.RadGrid_[SkinName] .rgFilterRow td


border-left:1px solid red;


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