Batch Editing Client-side API

The Batch Editing client-side API exposes a number of methods which provide more control over the editing process, let you get/set cell values and open/close cells. You can see a list of the methods available with Batch Editing in Table 1.

To use these methods, you need a reference to the Batch Editing Manager object first. You can get it from the grid object:

var grid = $find("<%=RadGrid1.ClientID%>");
var batchEditingManager = grid.get_batchEditingManager();

The grid object is the first argument to all of its client-side handlers so you can use it without hardcoding IDs:

        <ClientEvents OnBatchEditOpened="OnBatchEditOpened" />
function OnBatchEditOpened(sender, args) {
    var batchEditingManager = sender.get_batchEditingManager();

Table 1: Batch Editing Client-side API methods

Name Parameters Return Type Description
addNewRecord(tableView) GridTableView Adds a new record to the grid.
deleteRecord(tableView,row) GridTableView, <tr> element Removes the specified record from the table.
saveChanges(tableView) GridTableView Sends a request to the server to save the changes made in the specified GridTableView.
saveAllChanges Sends a request to the server in order to save all changes made from the user so far.
saveTableChanges(tableViews) GridTableView[] Sends a request to the server to save the changes for the GridTableViews passed in the arguments. The method expects an array of GridTableView objects.
cancelChanges(tableView) GridTableView Sends a request to the server to cancel all unsaved changes made so far.
openCellForEdit(cell) <td> element Opens the specified cell for editing.
openRowForEdit(row) <tr> element Opens the specified row for edit (opens all editable cells in the row for edit).
getCellValue(cell) <td> element string Returns the value of the respective cell.
changeCellValue(cell, newCellValue) <td> element, value Assigns a value to the respective cell.
get_currentlyEditedCell <td> element Returns the element of the currently edited cell. This method should be used when EditType is set to Cell.
get_currentlyEditedRow <tr> element Returns the element of the currently edited row. This method should be used when EditType is set to Row.
hasChanges(tableView) GridTableView boolean Returns whether there are unsaved changes in the tableview. Similar to an IsDirty flag.

When firing grid commands by using the fireCommand method some commands are detected, canceled and instead their corresponding batch editing client-side functions are called. Below a list of the handled commands:

Fired Command Corresponding Batch Edit Command
Cancel, CancelAll cancelChanges
Delete deleteRecord
Edit openRowForEdit
InitInsert addNewRecord
PerformInsert, Update, UpdateEdited saveChanges

Additionally, you could subscribe to the OnBatchEditCellValueChanging event to access the new value before they are applied, and cancel the action if necessary. The OnBatchEditCellValueChanged event can be used to access the already changed value.

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