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Method which triggers specific command for the grid when executed. The method is called for the GridTableView client instance and its arguments depend on the command which will be processed.

fireCommand(commandName, commandArgument)
commandName The name of the command that will be fired.
commandArgument The argument to be passed along with the command.


function FirePageCommand() {
    var masterTable = $find("<%= RadGrid1.ClientID %>").get_masterTableView();
    masterTable.fireCommand("Page", "Next");

This method can be used to invoke custom commands along with a single string argument which can be accessed later on using the OnItemCommand server event.

When firing custom commands (with a custom command name) they are fired through the first data item in the GridTableView. This means that no command will be fired if the grid is bound to an empty data source.

GridCommand Type of object used to invoke the method fireCommand syntax eventArgs details
Edit GridTableView fireCommand("Edit", itemIndex) Example: fireCommand("Edit", 0)
Update GridTableView fireCommand("Update", itemIndex) Example: fireCommand("Update", 0)
Delete GridTableView fireCommand("Delete", itemIndex) Example: fireCommand("Delete", 0)
InitInsert GridTableView fireCommand("InitInsert", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("InitInsert", "")
PerformInsert GridTableView fireCommand("PerformInsert", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("PerformInsert", "")
Cancel GridTableView fireCommand("Cancel", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("Cancel", "")
Page GridTableView fireCommand("Page", pageCommand) string argument:"First", "Next", "Prev", "Last", numeric values as string presentation. Example: fireCommand("Page", "Next")
Sort GridTableView fireCommand("Sort", sortExpression) string argument: fieldName (mandatory), sortOrder (optional)Example: fireCommand("Sort", "ContactName DESC")
HeaderContextMenuFilter GridTableView fireCommand("HeaderContextMenuFilter",commandArgs) A string holding the filter conditions data. Example: fireCommand("HeaderContextMenuFilter", "ShipName|?NoFilter||?NoFilter|")
ExportToExcel GridTableView fireCommand("ExportToExcel", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("ExportToExcel", "")
ExportToWord GridTableView fireCommand("ExportToWord", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("ExportToWord", "")
ExportToPdf GridTableView fireCommand("ExportToPdf", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("ExportToPdf", "")
ExportToCsv GridTableView fireCommand("ExportToCsv", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("ExportToCsv", "")
EditSelected GridTableView fireCommand("EditSelected", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("EditSelected", "")
UpdateEdited GridTableView fireCommand("UpdateEdited", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("UpdateEdited", "")
DeleteSelected GridTableView fireCommand("DeleteSelected", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("DeleteSelected", "")
EditAll GridTableView fireCommand("EditAll", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("EditAll", "")
CancelAll GridTableView fireCommand("CancelAll", "") Required but not used. Example: fireCommand("CancelAll", "")
Group GridTableView fireCommand("GroupByColumn", "") Example: fireCommand("GroupByColumn", "Country")
UnGroup GridTableView fireCommand("UnGroupByColumn", "") Example:fireCommand("UnGroupByColumn", "Country")
DownloadAttachment GridTableView fireCommand("DownloadAttachment", argument) String - collection of key/value pairs in JSON format (seethis demo)Example:var args = '{"FileId":24,"ColumnUniqueName":"AttCol","FileName":"report.doc"}'; fireCommand("DownloadAttachment", args)
ExpandCollapse GridTableView fireCommand("ExpandCollapse", itemIndex) Example:fireCommand("ExpandCollapse", 0)

The equivalents on the server are listed in this topic from the documentation.

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